Published specific photos of her

A BRISBANE mother has informed how she had a least 50 strange men display up at her home during the last 4 years after a former partner allegedly published specific photos of her on 40 depraved sex web sites.
“on every occasion there has been a knock at the door I bodily felt sick and that i still do, I nonetheless cringe,” Robyn Knight said in an interview with A current Affair on Wednesday night time.Ms Knight’s non-public records was uploaded directly to a chain of profiles for ‘seasoned rape’ and bondage websites – which include AdultFriendFinder and domestic made BDSM.
Her photos had been doctored to seem pornographic in nature.
She was defined as a ‘no limits shame pig’ who deserved ‘severe punishment’.
Ms night time said the person who had created her account changed into enticing with different customers and telling them to come to her house and ‘rape’ her.

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